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I’m not selling you anything. In fact, you might not even like what you read. This health guide is simply my attempt to record the main things I’ve learned about health and fitness over the last two years.

What you learn may or may not surprise you. It may be things you already know. And if that’s the case, you may even be farther ahead than I am. However, I do believe that you’ll learn something valuable in the time it takes you to read this. To begin, I need to make sure we are on the same page, or there this read will be a big waste of your time.

First, there are no shortcuts to healthy living. Sure there are fad-diets, crash diets and supplements galore. But those methods can be dangerous and don’t create long-lasting habits. That said, I'm going to show you how simple it can be and back it all up with facts.

Second, you’ll never look like the cover of someone on a fitness mag unless fitness is your full-time job (of course they don't want you to know that). I have friends who look like those people, and they watch their calories down to the last almond and are in the gym 2-3 hours per day. Who wants to live like that (unless of course you are getting paid to do it)?

Third, you have to have some self-control. I can’t do these things for you. It’s not trendy. But it is straightforward and very doable. My hope is that you’ll value your health as much as I have and make sacrifices where needed in order to have more confidence in how you look and feel.

Keep in mind that in this book I use “eating healthy” and “losing weight” interchangeably. Mainly it’s because most people I talk to do so as well. “I want to start eating better so I can drop a few pounds.” Or, “I need to lose weight and eat healthier.” What’s really interesting is eating healthy does not guarantee weight loss. And losing weight does not guarantee eating healthy.

If you can't stomach what I laid out above, stop now. Put this book down. This will all be a waste of time.

Still reading? Good. Let’s get started.

It’s been a fun journey to debunk myths I’ve believed my whole life:

All of these will be disproven in this guide.

A few years ago, after gaining more weight than I wanted to and once again making the promise to “eat better” and “exercise more” I decided to explore different alternatives. What hadn’t worked for me in the past were “diets” that deprived me of good food or satiety, making it difficult to stick with them for long periods of time. Also, the myth that I had to spend a lot of time running or doing cardio to lose weight got me burned out from spending my discretionary time running a few times per week.

As I started to read as much as I could on the subject, it became very clear that the health industry is jacked up. There was a bunch of misinformation out there. I learned how backwards the “food pyramid” was, how misleading trainers and “health experts” were. It became hard to trust anyone, as it seemed like anyone teaching people attempted to make me feel like I had to join their gym, buy their workout or take their supplements to see “real” results.

However, in my reading I found individuals treading new ground and debunking old ideologies. Their reasoning was based on science and was easy to prove. Through testing myself, I found truths that seem universal to all people and all body types.

Now, let me start by saying I don’t guarantee anything here. I don’t guarantee you will lose weight. I don’t guarantee you’ll be able to stick with these methods. What I can say however, is these things have worked for me and others I know personally. By far it is the most straightforward method I have found to lose weight and keep it off without having a feeling of guilt and deprivation.

What I outline here is not a “diet”. It’s not something to do for a few weeks, gain the results you want and stop. It’s a lifestyle that keeps you in shape, healthy and at the weight you want to be at without feeling stressed and deprived.

Information is constantly changing. I am making tweaks to my dieting every month. Our bodies our complex and also very different. It’s up to each of us to understand some core principals so that we can then tweak for our specific body and goals.

So, I hope that this short guide will outline the most crucial principals that I have discovered that all work together to promote fat loss and healthy living.

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