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If you are looking for the bare minimum knowledge of how this all works in order to get started, this section is for you. I would advise you however, to take the time to read the additional material I put together. Having a true understanding of how this all works will help with your decision-making and motivation. Below is a quick synopsis of each section along with some key points so that you can start making changes today.

How the Body Burns Fat

Of the calories you burn each day, 80% is through digestion and doing nothing at all. Thus, the most effective way to lose weight is dieting (although proper exercise can help speed things up). This diet then, focuses on speeding up your metabolism while detoxing and improving your system. It's a combination of the food you eat and when you eat it. Timing it turns out, is crucial. This section covers:

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Insulin Control

The general population misunderstands insulin and it's role in our bodies. This diet focuses on keeping insulin levels as low as possible during certain times of the day. When insulin spikes, like from eating carbs, your body is unable to burn fat. This section covers:

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Intermittent Fasting

The first crucial rule of this diet is to "fast" until dinner time. Don't worry, this doesn't mean to not eat anything. It means not to have a full meal. This is so your insulin stays low and your body can continue to burn fat (which your body does automatically while you sleep). This section covers:

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The Feast

Since you've "fasted" for most of the day, your dinner is very important. Eating a large meal after fasting is proven to help boost your metabolism and help with nutrient absorption and replenish your energy reserves. This section lays out:

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Beside the order of food consumption, what you eat is important too. This section helps you understand which foods to have and avoid.

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Once a week it's important to refuel your glycogen stores in your muscles. Keep the following in mind:

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Boost Results

After I lay out why diet is so important, I talk about ways to put kerosene on the fat-burning fire. This section covers:

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Bring it Together

Knowing how to do it, and doing it are two different things. Here I layout ways that can help you be successful.

Listen to Your Body

Other factors beside diet and exercise can change the way you feel, your moods etc. This section explores some additional things to consider.

Making it Happen

As I mentioned to start, for me having a knowledge of WHY you should eat and exercise this way is crucial. We get top-ten lists all the time about "how to live healthier" or "how to lose weight fast". My hope is that you'll take the time to understand your body so that you'll be more equipped for better decision-making. Read the closing section Here

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