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Insulin Control

Understanding insulin was another important step for understanding fat loss and healthy eating. There is a lot of debate around what insulin does or how important it is for our bodies. With diabetes and other blood sugar conditions so rampant today, understanding insulin is great for prevention.

Insulin is a very important hormone in the body, used to build stuff. Our cells have the ability to pull in nutrients on their own, but insulin speeds up the process. If you are constantly spiking your insulin (like by eating carbs all the time) you can become insulin-insensitive which can lead to diabetes II and other health issues. Also, if insulin helps send too much raw material into cells, than the excess is going to get stored as either fat, glycogen or muscle tissue. What gets stored at what time depends on what you are eating.

When insulin levels are high, your cells stop releasing fat to be burned. Thus as soon as your insulin spikes for the day, you cut off your fat burning machine. Certain foods will elevate it for several hours. You’ll never get back to where you were in you wake up. The longer you can delay the spike, the more fat you will burn each day.

When we wake up, we are insulin-sensative, meaning we will absorb sugar very effectively. This is the absolute worse time to have carbs.

So what spikes our insulin? A lot of things actually. Some of which we can’t control. But we can control our intake of sugar, carbohydrates, protein, fructose and other foods that will spike insulin every time. So this diet is meant to give us more control over how insulin works in our body’s to be most effective when necessary and to back off when best.

Key Takeaways

  • Spiking insulin too often can make you insulin-insensitive which can lead to diabetes II
  • The longer you can delay your first insulin spike each day, the more fat you will burn
  • Timing insulin spikes is essential to effective fat burning

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