Book Contents

Making it Happen

There you have it. All of my learnings from the last two years in a short and easy to read book. Follow these principals and you’ll lose fat, have more energy and be healthier.

The next step is for you to make it happen. For starters, don’t eat carbs till dinner. Find ways to incorporate more fat into your mornings, snack on raw foods and feast at night. Make sure to drink water.

Once you get that down, start eating even less during the day. Continue to drink water.

After a few weeks the diet will become second nature. After you’ve seen some pounds come off, start adding exercise to your weeks. Focus your time on building muscle through a form of weight training.

In about a month, you’ll see how simple this all really is. For me, once I had the knowledge of what needed to happen it made my decision-making so much easier. I also don’t expect to look like guys on the covers of fitness magazines because I know the amount of additional work needed to get there. I’m complacent because at this point in my life I’m doing the best I can. So while I do expect to be able to see my abs, I don’t expect myself ready to enter a physique competition. And neither should you.

Unless you have several hours of the day to dedicate to doing both cardio and weight training, and have the discipline to basically eat chicken and water, you can’t expect to look like those people. It’s also their job in most cases to look like that… so of course they’ll do whatever it takes to convince you it’s possible as long as you buy their products or supplements.

My hope is that this knowledge will be a stepping stone on your own journey and you’ll continue your learning more about your body and ways in which to keep it healthy and strong.

Be well.