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Many diets have a “cheat day”. And although “reloading” is similar, I hesitate calling this “cheat day” since that’s how many other diets classify days of uncontrolled eating. This really isn’t a cheat day at all, but much more of a carb reloading day. Since you’ve been keeping your carbs at bay everyday now with this diet, it’s actually important that once a week you go to town on carbs and replenish your glycogen stores in your muscles. This allows them to function well when they are exerting force and it helps recovery and nervous system performance.

Pizza? Donuts? Muffins? Anyone? Yes please. Once a week, from 3pm to 9pm have a carb-loading day and enjoy anything you feel deprived of. Like other things I’ve outlined, there are some guidelines:

Try and eat things that have a high glycemic index. For example, a ripe banana, grapes, white rice etc. It will help spike your insulin fast so that way when you sleep your insulin can come back down so that growth hormone and other processes can go back into effect which burn fat. Low glycemic foods will keep your insulin high for a longer period of time, blocking your bodies ability to start burning fat. Keep the low GI foods for the non-cheat days of the week. This day is for high-GI carbs. Make it count!

Key Takeaways:

  • Once a week at 5pm enjoy more-than-normal carbs
  • Do it after a muscle-building workout for best results
  • Females can’t eat as many carbs as guys
  • Avoid low-glycemic carbs to ensure your insulin doesn’t stay peaked
  • Cut off by 9pm to ensure you insulin comes back down in the first few hours of your sleep

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